Our Anti-Viral Products & Services

A wide range of UV Lighting Solutions for Office, Industry, and Transit

Office & Boardroom Sanitation

Using state-of-the-art sensor systems to sanitize work environments while staff and employees are away. An innovation that will help maintain a safe and productive workplace. 

Mass Transit Sanitation

UV Antiviral lighting can be automatically run at the end of transit lines, offering a santization solution with minimal downtime. An innovative solution for mass transit that will help improve and maintain public health.

Public Washroom Sanitation

The antiviral lighting will operate when the occupancy sensor determines that the room is empty, bathing the room in UV light designed to deliver a dose of energy sufficient to deactivate 90% or more of viruses on surfaces

Sanitation Solutions for Elavators

The AVLS system can be easily installed into elevators, giving office and other buildings an additional layer of sanitation security. 

Arena & Entertainment Venue Sanitation

AVLS will sanitize the entire venue space, automatically killing viruses and providing a level of assurance to patrons not possible with other cleaning solutions

Locker Room Sanitation

AVLS can safely sanitize locker rooms between or even during games, automatically killing viruses and helping keep players healthy


The AVLS system is built around a core “light engine” that delivers the virus killing UV light.

The light engine can be adapted to meet the needs of virtually any illumination or sanitation scenario. The sensors, controls, feedback loops, and all other aspects of the AVLS light engine are all patent pending.

Integrated platform sensors. Tamper-resistant dosimenters. Battery back-up. Mobile app control. Wired and wireless connectivity.  

A wide-range of product options to fit into existing lighting infrastructure. AVLS equipment is integrated with normal room illumination for seamless transition between cleanings.

Solution Pipeline

AVLS sanitation solutions for high volume spaces is just one of our focus areas. SATI has a variety of other innovative products in development, providing dynamic solutions for a wide-range of industries. 

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