Our Approach to UV

Existing UV products often sacrifice safety, efficacy, or automation

SATI’s systems strike the perfect balance, offering a complete and versatile lighting solution

UV light is a well-documented antiviral solution, yet comes with risks and inefficiencies if not deployed safely. SATI’s holistic view of UV systems ensures optimal performance while maintaining strict security standards.


  • A team of experts from virology, physics, engineering, and worker safety
  • A balanced approach to the UV light used, choosing a spectrum and intensity optimized for maximum sanitation while limiting risk to people in the unlikely event of exposure
  • Effective against viruses (including COVID19), the flu, common cold, and other pathogens
  • Integrated safety sensors and interlocks to ensure maximum safety during cleaning
  • Our patent-pending solution includes dosimeters to constantly verify the correct amount of santizing light is being used to clean a chosen area

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