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UV light is a proven antiviral sanitization strategy. Yet until now there has been no automated, reliable solution to deliver this service without new wiring or excess risk.

SATI’s antiviral lighting solution rapidly deploys UV light, efficiently deactivating viral contaminants in the air and on exposed surfaces.

These systems provide enhanced viral sanitation for work and other public environments – increasing piece of mind for employees, minimizing productivity loss, and providing improved health and safety standards for workers.

A crucial innovation for the current COVID-19 crisis and reducing future risk to health, mobility and business.

There’s an urgent need for an automated, reliable and cost effective anti-viral sanitation system

  • Transmission of viruses like COVID-19 occur through airborne and surface contamination of high-traffic areas
  • Traditional cleaning methods are labor intensive and unreliable, increasing risk infection for workers, commuters, and visitors
  • Cleaning equipment (mops, rags, and sponges) are often unsanitized and can increase viral contamination
  • Lack of effective cleaning solutions creates a higher risk of continued social and economic disruptions

SATI’s AntiViral Lighting Solutions (AVLS) provides reliable UV solutions that reduce the viral load in public and work spaces

  • AVLS’ patent-pending UV lighting systems eliminate airborne and surface pathogens
  • AVLS is safe – security controls and sensors ensure no human exposure to UV light
  • AVLS is automated with no reliance on or risk to cleaning staff
  • The AVLS system efficiently sanitizes all exposed areas and does not spread existing contaminants through cleaning staff or equipment
  • The AVLS solution is easy to install – fits into existing light fixtures without a costly retrofit or downtime

  AVLS is Cost Effective – Less than $0.25/month per square foot

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