Safe Antiviral Lighting Solutions for Offices, Mass Transit and Public Spaces

Wide-area Sanitation to Reduce Virus
Contamination and Transmission

Safe Antivirus Technologies offers innovative UV lighting solutions 

Using existing overhead lighting infrastructure we provide effective UV sanitation of indoor workplaces, public transit, and entertainment venues

Creating a safe workplace for all

Using state-of-the-art sensor systems to sanitize work environments while staff and employees are away. Learn more

Keeping our common spaces virus free

Effective UV disinfection of bathroom surfaces will eliminate over 90% of viruses and other pathogens.          Learn more

Solutions for mass transit

UV solutions built into existing lighting can sanitize public transit vehicles with minimal downtime. Learn more

Innovative Solutions

Our systems provide enhanced viral sanitation for work and other public environments – increasing piece of mind for employees, minimizing productivity loss, and providing improved health and safety standards for workers.


Uses existing overhead lighting infrastructure for simple installation, low maintenance and ideally placed cleaning


Leverages automation and IOT technologies to allow for simplified operations, monitoring, alerts, and tracking


Safety systems prevent use when people are present. Low risk UV spectrum balanced with optimal sanitation

The Company & Team

Safe Antivirus Technologies brings together experts from the fields of virology, optics, and engineering to provide sanitization solutions for both public and private spaces